Your visit

Welcome to the Sleep Research Institute (IIS)!

You can come for your first visit to out center by making an appointment by phone on 91 345 41 29. Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire about your sleep habits and circumstances. Based on the consultation and your medical history, you may get an approximation of a diagnosis, but it will be necessary to undertake some diagnostic testing in our sleep laboratory, which must be performed no more than two or three days following the date of the consultation for maximum efficiency. Once we have the results, in the following consultation, a diagnosis can then be provided and a specific treatment for your case can be proposed. Treatments will vary depending on the disorder diagnosed, and can range from strictly non-pharmacological, as is often the case in the majority of patients with insomnia, to pharmacological, the use of devices like the CPAP for patients with sleep apnea, phototherapy, etc…
If you are already a patient and are going to have a test performed at the IIS, you may have last-minute questions such as how to prepare for the day of the test, etc. Therefore, here are a few general rules:

  • All the tests requested by your doctor will be accompanied by an “informed consent” which you must read and sign before undergoing the test.
  • In the informed consent you will have specific information about each test, its purpose, and guidelines prior to its implementation.
  • Likewise, you will be informed of the duration of each test.
  • For each test you will be informed about the center where it will be performed: at the consultation clinic (Calle Padre Damián 44) or at the Sleep Laboratory (Torpedero Tucumán 16, 1ºizq)
  • You should come to the test with your DNI ID card, health insurance card, and test authorization flyer (when appropriate). Remember that without these duly authorized flyers, the tests will not be able to be performed.

Thanks for trusting us!

For tests carried out in the Sleep Laboratory (Torpedero Tucumán 16, 1ºizq.):

  1. Upon arrival your relevant information will be asked for: date of birth, height, weight, stress, medication, illnesses or health problems, as well as the “sleep pattern” of the previous night.
  2. The center does not provide meals, only those that are implicit based on the schedule of the tests.
  3. No smoking is allowed starting 30 min. before each test.
  4. Children under 3 or 4 years old can be accompanied in the same room by one of their parents or legal representative. Parents of older children may stay overnight in the waiting room.
  5. Personal hygiene:

    • You should come showered, with clean hair and no hair products such as hairspray, gel…
    • To monitor your sleep, electrodes will be placed which must be attached to the skin and the scalp with glue, which are easily removed by washing. Remember, do not come to the study after having your hair done at the hairdresser.
    • It is advisable not to have painted nails.
    • Bring your pajamas and toiletries bag.
  6. If you have a cold/stuffy nose on the day of the test, please inform the staff of the center.
  7. For tests that require it, you will be instructed whether you can take a nap that day, what time to go to bed and wake up on the previous day, etc.
  8. During the night and morning prior to the test do not drink alcohol, coffee, cola or tea. You should avoid the consumption of toxins prior to the test. If you regularly drink large doses of caffeine at breakfast, reduce consumption to one coffee on the day of the test.
  9. For each test you will receive specific instructions on the body position in which the test will be done: sitting or lying, awake or asleep.
  10. The doctor will give you specific information about taking your usual medication the day before the test. If you have not received instructions not to do so, you can take it normally.
  11. If you typically take hypnotics or anxiolytics before going to bed, check with staff prior to the night of the study.
  12. If you are using CPAP and agree with the doctor to use it during the test, bring your own mask.
  13. During the interspersed rest periods or prior to each test, stay in your room and out of bed. Only during these periods can you listen to music (with headphones), read, etc. During this time you can go to the bathroom, eat and drink if you need to.
  14. After the test you can return to normal life.

In summary, the tests you will undergo can be at most uncomfortable, but they are not painful.

If you have not correctly understood the test instructions, do not hesitate to ask before starting it. Pay attention to the instructions that you receive and try to not get nervous or worry excessively about the results.

Otherwise the performance may be affected. Our team of professionals is ready to help you at any time so that your night in our sleep center is as pleasant as possible.

Thanks for trusting us!