MODULE I - Normal sleep: physiology, clinical evaluation, and complementary tests

Diego García-Borreguero | Juan Antonio Madrid | Javier Puertas | Iván Eguzquiza | Sofía Romero | Sergio Hernández | Cristian Sánchez

  1. Normal Sleep Physiology
    1. Normal sleep regulation mechanisms
    2. Chronobiology. Circadian Rhythms
    3. Biological functions of sleep
    4. Sleep and Age
    5. Sleep Disorder Prevention: Sleep Hygiene
  2. Clinical Evaluation of Sleep Disorders
    1. Classification of sleep disorders
    2. Clinical interview
    3. Clinical examination
  1. Complementary Testing for Sleep Disorders
    1. Polysomnography
    2. Respiratory polygraphy
    3. Actigraphy
    4. Multiple sleep latency test
    5. Maintenance of Wakefulness Test
    6. Suggested immobilization test
    7. Other tests
    8. Scales used in sleep disorders

MODULE II: sleep disorders. Classification, Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Diego García-Borreguero | Iván Eguzquiza | Joaquín Durán | Christian Bachelette | Nestor Montesdeoca | Sofía Romero | María Redondo | Carles Gaig | Alex Iranzo | Thomas Bornhardt | Verónica Martinez | Pilar Riobó | Milagros Merino

  1. Insomnia
    1. Classification, definition, and epidemiology
    2. Pathophysiology
    3. Clinical Features and Diagnosis
    4. Comorbidities (Mental and Physical Illnesses)
    5. Non-pharmacological treatments (cognitive-behavioral therapy)
    6. Pharmacological Treatments
  2. Sleep-related breathing disorders
    1. Introduction and Classification
    2. Obstructive sleep apnea: definition and epidemiology
    3. OSA: pathophysiology
    4. OSA: clinical features
    5. OSA: special populations
    6. OSA: comorbidities
    7. OSA: treatment
    8. Surgical tratment for OSA
    9. Central Apnea
    10. Roncopathy
    11. Trating OSA with mandibular advance devices
    12. Hypoventilation-obesity syndrome
    13. Other respiratory disorders (ex. related to drugs, neuromuscular pathology)
  1. Hypersomnia of central origin
    1. Introduction and classification
    2. Narcolepsy (definition, epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical features, and treatments)
    3. Idiopathic hypersomnia
    4. Kleine-Levin Syndrom
    5. Hypersomnia related to other medical diseases
    6. Hypersomnia related to drugs or substances
    7. Hypersomnia and psychiatric diseases
    8. Special situations: hypersomnia and driving
  1. Circadian Rhythm Disorders
    1. Introduction and Classification
    2. Delayed sleep-wake phase disorder
    3. Advanced sleep-wake phase disorder
    4. Irregular sleep-wake rhythm disorder
    5. Free-running
    6. Jet-lag
    7. Shift work disorder
    8. Circadian rhythms and psychiatric disorders (depression, autism, and schizophrenia)
    9. Circadian rhythms in neurodegenerative disorders
  1. Sleep behavior disorders (parasomnias and epilepsy)
    1. Introduction and classification
    2. Non-REM parasomnias
    3. REM parasomnias
    4. Other Parasomnias (hallucinations, enuresis, sleep eating disorders, exploding head syndrome, catathrenia)
    5. Sleep related epilepsy
  2. Sleep-related movement disorders
    1. Introduction and Classification
    2. Restless leg syndrome (definition, epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical features, and treatment)
    3. Periodic leg movement disorder
    4. Bruxism
    5. Muscle cramps
    6. Propriospinal myoclonus
    7. Hypnic Myoclonus
    8. Rythmic movement disorders
    9. Other movement disorders during sleep
  3. Sleep Disorders among different population
    1. Sleep in childhood and adolescence
    2. Sleep apnea in children
    3. Sleep and woman
    4. Sleep in elders
    5. Sleep and degenerative diseases
    6. Sleep and addictions
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. Sleep genetics
    2. Legal medicine and sleep
    3. Ontogenesis and sleep
    4. Sleep and nutrition
    5. Sleep and pulmonology
    6. Sleep and cardiovascular diseases
    7. Sleep and internal medicine
    8. Sleep and psychiatry
    9. Sleep and neurology

Academic Year: from March, 2024 (approximately)

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