Graduated in nursing by the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (2010) specializing in sleep and ventilation by the Escuela Internacional de Ventilación Mecánica no Invasiva, currently completing the studies of Degree in Psychology in the UNED.

With experience in the Unit of Sleep and Non-Invasive Ventilation of the Hospital of Getafe. She is a member of different scientific societies related to pneumology and sleep pathology. During his career she has participated in several posters and presentations at conferences of Pulmonology.

She joined the Sleep Research Institute in 2017 where she participates in consultations for education and explanation in the beginning of respiratory therapies (CPAP, APAP, BIPAP …); Support, follow-up of compliance and management of respiratory therapies; Solution of doubts and management problems, that interfere in the adaptation to the therapy with CPAP; Management of software associated with CPAP and BIPAP equipment. She also participates in the Nutrition and Dietetics consultation, advising on dietary hygienic measures and healthy nutritional habits.